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Tuhaň 29 is part of the Stružinec - Tuhaň village in the Semily district and is located near Český raj, a stone's throw from the Krkonoše mountains. 


The beautiful Czech nature and popular tourist destinations offer an abundance of activities for adults and families with children. 

Go on a trip with us, we like it here, for example: 



Trosky Castle

The bizarre ruin of a Gothic castle resembling devil's horns sticking out of the ground was built at the end of the 14th century and became one of the symbols of the Bohemian Paradise. The construction of the castle on two steep basalt cliffs made Trosek an impregnable castle. During the tour, the visitor has the opportunity to learn about the history of the castle and climb the "Babu" tower and the lookout under the "Panna" tower, which offer a unique view of the surrounding landscape.

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Kozákov Hill

Kozákov is the highest mountain of the Bohemian Paradise and at the same time the Podkrkonoší (744 m above sea level). It is a popular destination for hikers and cyclists from far away, but also for lovers of skiing and paragliding.

You can have refreshments at Riegro's cottage and look at the surrounding countryside from the beautiful lookout tower.

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Lomnice nad Popelkou swimming pool

Crystal clear water and a beautiful environment in a wonderful, quiet location at the foot of Mount Tábor - these are the main points of pride of the renovated Lomnica swimming pool, known for its island in the middle of the water surface.  

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Happy Earth

Šťastná Země is the largest entertainment natural area in the Czech Republic, providing great entertainment for families with children. In addition to climbing frames in the form of a castle and its parts, you will also find a bouncy castle and a natural Geopark for a pleasant walk. The area will keep the children busy for the whole day. 


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