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Watch with us the transformation of the house, its reconstruction and get inspiration and practical tips.

Something about the history of the house - a quote from the Chronicle of Tuhana

This hunting lodge shared the fate of the former Lomnické manor. Its owners were definitely the Counts of Morcíno. In 1796 Count Rudolph of Morcíno sold the Lomnice estate with a hunting lodge in Tuhan to the Trutnov merchant Ignaz Falgo, from whose grandson Karel Prince Rohan bought it in 1834, in whose family possession the estate is located (no longer, editor's note). Forty farmsteaders: According to the parish register of 1760, Ambrož Sastr, a farmsteader from Tuhana, married Anna, the daughter of Petar Mašek, a Bezděčín winemaker. According to oral tradition, there was forester Hesrkloc, after him Tůma, then Veselý, after him Lev, Stanislav Lopatář, Bohumil Sedláček, Jan Mazánek, Naiman, for two years the gamekeeper Karel Trejbal lived here, then forester Robert Štrelli, forester Havle and now forester Josef Sarger (no longer, editor's note).  

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