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Move your company and your team forward by leaps and bounds with us. An interactive and specially created program helps companies to reset processes, develop cooperation and motivate the team, and thus begin to achieve not only better results, but also higher employee and customer satisfaction.

Čas & Lokalita

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Stružinec, Tuhaň, 512 51 Stružinec, Czech Republic

O události

  • two-day program for company management or work teams of up to 20 people
  • is intended for companies or teams that are looking for ways to move forward in their work - to better results, higher customer and employee satisfaction, more efficient processes, modern management methods
  • it is also suitable for companies in crisis periods of development, dead ends and during market changes
  • the program is tailored to each specific company and group of workers
  • develops creativity and teamwork and communication
  • it is an interactive program led by a lecturer that uses team coaching methods
  • is supplemented by leisure activities focused on team well-being and well-being
  • the package includes accommodation for 2 nights and meals (meals can be selected to order)

The environment in which we live has changed significantly in recent years, and even more so due to the recent covid-19 pandemic. Customer needs, employee expectations and the competitive environment are changing. In order for the company to withstand these changes, it needs to adapt to them, be flexible and create a distinctive addition

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